At Linda Childers Knapp Elementary We Believe...

  • It is essential for all students, staff, families, and stakeholders to value and respect each other with our words and actions.
  • For optimal learning to occur, students’ basic needs must be met (food, health, rest, security).
  • Instruction should be individualized, meaningful, engaging, and purposeful.
  • It is our responsibility to help prepare students to become productive citizens who are responsible and ready for the ‘real world.’
  • It is important to frequently recognize and celebrate successes.
  • Learning is a lifelong process.
  • We are a community of learners where all staff members take responsibility for each student’s success.
  • Teachers have an obligation to help students explore their personal strengths, interests, and abilities.
  • Education includes instruction in character and leadership.
  • It is our responsibility to maintain a safe, positive learning environment.
  • Communication and collaboration with families, community, and stakeholders are essential for the success of our students.

Linda Childers Knapp Elementary Vision Statement:

A school of excellence where students are collaborative, creative, accepted, celebrated, innovative, growing, achieving, and building the foundation for future success as the leaders of tomorrow.